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Re: More .. (shudder) .. on the chipbreaker :O

William Duffield
The problem with the description in Hayward is that it doesn't explain the physics of the process. It is all mumbo-jumbo. Obviously, Hayward had not seen the Kato-Kawai videos ;) , because he has no idea how the chip breaker is functioning.

Trying to put it on a splitting axe, even as a thought experiment, is ludicrous. A splitting axe works on entirely different principles, where it is desired to split the wood as far forward of the blade edge as possible, and where additional "tearout" is achieved by the rotation of the head as it begins to penetrate the wood. I might suggest a perusal of Leonard Lee's book on sharpening for an explanation of the differences in geometry between a felling axe and a splitting axe.

Printing this seems to me to be an exercise in obfuscation by the HABU party. Is it intentional "alternate facts" or do they really not understand.

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