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david weaver
I remember when the school bus would go down for the count in the 1980s, and we'd get one of the older reserve buses. They were usually old buses from the 1960s or early 1970s. They looked wild, but most were almost dead and they were super slow.

Since I was actually working on something, after breaking the handle on the LV plane (again, but at least not dropping it on the floor this time), my shop version of the reserve school bus is this:


(while I really like the wooden try plane for nearly everything, if I have to joint a whole bunch of narrow edges, I don't love the way that doing that can bungle the bottom of the plane a bit)

This Sorby plane is just simply the nicest metal plane I've ever used, and it has a strangely soft very thin iron. When I received the plane (used), it had the factory finish on the sole still and was less than 1.5 thousandths out of flat along its length. Fortunatley, I got it from the UK before the global shipping program started seizing planes with wooden parts.

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