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david weaver
I can apply as much brute force as anyone of my weight can (195). I was beyond the limits of good taste when my handle let go.

I thought we had previously had posts suggesting that it was possible to plane with the cap iron below the sole, and not in a "nobody would ever do this" kind of way? The latter is what I'm suggesting.

This is the first time I've ever measured the cap iron in any way that provides something other than, I don't know, it could be 2 thousandths or it could be 8?

So, it appears my "standard set" on a smoother is about 6. If I have trouble at this setting, I may use something that's half of this, but it's awfully restrictive for obvious reasons, and it takes something like ash running out right into the surface to need it - and that kind of stuff is usually best left in the burn pile.

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