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The importance of applicability

david weaver
When I first said "warren, you were right" on here (which could be found, I'm sure), it wasn't long after that Warren told me that it sounded like I had the cap set too closely at first. He was right, and his comment is an important one.

The difference between talking to Warren or George is that you will get what's applicable.

I'm still keen to measure this and see if I can duplicate what you've done, but I haven't had an applicable case in 5 years where I've needed to go that close and where it made a difference (I have set a cap "too close" or on the edge of the envelope a couple of times to try to deal with really soft earlywood on a quartered board, but it's never made a real difference. If the chip straightens and you still have problems, check direction and cap set. If adjusting those for a best case scenario doesn't solve the issue then, the wood is probably not suitable to be planed).

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