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david weaver
Well, now I get the feeling that you may not have been trolling us.


Of course the pistol story about George (and the cannons) is true. I think even Canada may have allowed the pistols he made, though (18th century dueling pistols).

The one that went to the duponts had some "ordered" parts in it. I guess he kept the other one (which I believe was made entirely by him all the way down to all of the parts in the lock set, etc).

From time to time, I'll see someone talk about how long it takes to shave with a straight razor. It takes me about 3 minutes in the morning. I can't remember how long any other decent method took, but a dull multiblade razor each day in the shower at the end of the shower (with no shave cream, etc) is probably the fastest I've ever shaved. But it wastes some water here, isn't enjoyable, and I often find "patches" not that well shaved. I haven't done that in about 6 years, but when I was young, I was obsessed with finding the absolute fastest and easiest way to do everything.

Didn't bring happiness, that's for sure!! 3 minutes with the straight is lovely, and it does tell me a little about how the day will go (lovely things like vertigo and pressure in the ears are just things that come with age, I guess).

(like the comment about being underfunded in the finance industry, too. In every business, there is a manager willing to see if he can get 2 people to do the jobs of 5 - no matter how stupid it is to underman projects).

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