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'Funny, looking at the straight razor thing now with the beard comment, it seemed reasonable at the time because even if you have a beard, you still have to shave.....and the kind of shaving that you have to do is best done by.....a straight razor."

It is great for going around the edges, you can just cut in anywhere and drag off the offending bristles.

But something else, and I don't know if this is a thing. But my beard, as it grows out the hairs are not uniform in length, you get a halo effect. One can use the razor with a combing action as if shaving, but some elevation, and the protruding hairs just spring off. There is a version of this one can use when the hairs on the head, cut short, start to stack up on the ears, and get back to a tapered in look without needing the full cut. Also, as the beard grow out, I get this effect where the upper edge looks as though it need thinning into the cheek, so that not all the hairs will be the same length, and wall like. Tapering they call it on a haircut. One can place the rounded edge of the blade on the cheek and just make a series of passes through the edge of the beard, and it lowers the bulk.

At one point I was cutting my wife's hair, and that of the three girls. They always looked good. Sometimes luck was involved. So while I have no idea what I am doing, I did pick up some things from that process. I never did try those razors you put on your fingers though it looks like fun.

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