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Re: Fascinating. When I ask my wife

david weaver
I have to admit that I thought it wouldn't be helpful at all (aside from the comment below about razors), but I've seen a bunch of stuff that I didn't expect to see.

I flip razors on etsy from time to time, as well as natural stones. What I really wanted was to be able to confirm that the razors were set and sharper than the person who gets them will have ever seen (it's not quite as simple as it is for tools, and it's also the point where you separate good razors from razors that aren't that great so that you don't get a bad rep).

Instead, I've seen all kinds of odd things. The only thing i don't like about it is that it pretty much focuses on one thing, and if what you're looking at isn't reflective, it doesn't see much. You can tell by the picture of the veritas blade that I couldn't get it to appear at the proper angle, so the photo is dark.

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