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david weaver
Did they actually try to use it?

On a side note, I am so pleased to read your descriptions of experience with irons, because I know it comes from planing and not from tests. Sometimes, that can result in strange notions (for example, people will often say that the ECE irons wear like "iron", and their ad copy boasts about how they are hard wearing, but my experience and Brent's is that they really aren't that great - I think when a company says something in an advertisement or in literature, people often perceive it to be true, as if it was a weed seed planted and it's hard to remove).

At any rate, I'm glad to see a similar conclusion about wear, etc, and preferability, and the fact that your experience with the rikizai irons is the same as mine. It's so easy to read that they're cheap rikizai and not the equal of hand forged irons, but they are so good that it is maybe better to just not know how they were produced.

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