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Brian Holcombe
Haha! Perhaps a late and rainy night might be consumed by that test.

I find it interesting how fine a synthetic is needed before it begins to compete with a not so fine natural stone. I almost can't tell the difference in edges between the 13k sigma and the Nakayama but I can take a few micron thinner shaving with the Nakayama. The Yaginoshima which is about 6k turns out an edge that is longer lasting but slightly less sharp than that of the 13k synthetic.

I have the same experience in that I find the sharpness from a synthetic to be fleeting in a way that a natural stones edge is not. I've attributed this to the more durable edge created with a lighter abrasive.

I have a few irons, super hard, that benefit from a full regime of synthetics then finishing on a natural stone. One is the Yokoyama Kunio Togo-ko and the other is a Tanaka super white. The Tanaka is simply too hard to be much effected by natural stones and yet just finishing it on them has s nice effect. The Kunio iron is too heavily alloyed and so seems to need a refresher on fine synthetics every few hones.

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