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david weaver
all we need is to find a stroke tester who is willing to go a couple tens of thousands of repetitions, and we could find out which type of edge lasts longer :)

Not going to be me. I also prefer the edge off of a natural stone, though not necessarily a washita if it has to be really sharp. I've noticed that all of the edges off of natural stones seem to be more consistent from start to finish, whereas the toothy deep groove synthetic stones have an early "slickness" through the wood that goes away pretty quickly.

Steve Elliot had something in a test in one of the articles that linked longevity to absolute sharpness, but I don't remember the details of the test that well. In terms of functional work, I haven't noticed a difference between washita and sigma power 13k - the time of use and volume of wood worked is about the same, though the 13k is definitely sharper to start. A test like that probably has many different conclusions depending on what actual use is.

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