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Tsunesaburo iron
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Brian Holcombe
I tapped out the Tsunesaburo iron to form a hollow and I believe the edge created after doing so is sharper than the edge I could achieve from a flat back. The steel is wear resistant and with my stones I found this to be an improvement in sharpness and so an improvement in longevity.

I also feel the edges of Japanese irons (and plain carbon) are better wearing after honing with a good natural stone. I've tried it both ways many times and the natural stones always produce an edge that comes out on top.

For kicks I sharpened my blade for Kez this year with a 12,000 sigma rather than a natural stone (at first) the blade performed wonderfully but was still improved upon with the Nakayama. The only blade I have that is not noticeably improved with a natural stone is a blade that is heavily alloyed (more than blue 2).

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