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Re: Normal Day to Day Testing

david weaver
Hi Derek, you're right (paraphrasing), they're just two different tests. The reason I push on it is simple, though, and it's this:

* I have planed abrasive woods and MDF (sometimes you have to plane it if it's a surface on a router table, for example) and didn't find the results to be the same as they are for a more "normal" task here in the US (comparing the muji HSS irons to A2 and carbon steel - muji will excel in cocobolo that's a problem as well as MDF - the gap narrows a lot when you go to sizing rough lumber - even the penultimate and ultimate parts of the job).

Brent has done an excellent job, but he's missing some of the more recent offerings. I pretty much match what he shows on what he has, but I'm more interested in edge quality as a part of the cycle and not so much in the length of the wear bevel, which seems to be his biggest measure unless there is really gross edge quality. I think LV's iron would do well in this, as there are two powder metal irons shown and one of them does well (steve elliot's), but the disparity isn't there for the 3v irons vs. carbon steel that one would suspect given the reports of 3v's ability to make a super long-lasting chisel.

Maybe I will do something similar again in the future now that I have a good microscope, but there are all kinds of curiosities that I'd like to chase and I'm kind of wishing someone else would do it!

From time to time, though, i see something about V11 like (From a user, I haven't read LV's opinions or study results in a while):
* it lasts twice as long as A2 and it's easier to sharpen.

Makes me wrinkle my brow a little bit. Is it better than A2? I think so, better in every way. How much in normal use? I don't know. I haven't had an even fair comparison yet. I haven't used the chisels, so I'll take someone else's word for it on those (which seems to be universal that it's FAR better than A2).

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