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david weaver
Yeah, aware of that.

I understand there are a lot of other advantages, too, less specific regarding alloys (creating small parts that would be expensive or awkward to machine, etc, and that are closer to finish dimension than a casting would be).

I would've gauged V11 as a fine grained 440C if someone asked me what I thought about it. Someone else tipped me off that it doesn't rust, though, so I didn't have to guess much regarding why it's got abrasion resistance (figured chromium, which was later confirmed).

Didn't find it to be easier to sharpen than A2, though (neither is difficult, but A2 sharpens better on natural stones, even though I'm not really that sure what's so great about it to begin with other than that it's stable in heat treat), and haven't found a great deal of difference in day to day wear in "medium hardwoods" vs. A2. Not sure if that would hold true if you back off to taking only very thin shavings (I don't do that often) - that tends to really separate the good abrasion resistant steels from other steels.

Never much cared for D2, though the RI chisels are decent. Hated it in a queen stockman, and never had the urge to buy an iron with it - especially after seeing the worn edge on Beach's page. More impressed by irons that are partially dull (so much so that you can literally see the dulled edge), but still leave a good surface.

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