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david weaver
They were probably similar in thickness (i don't remember anything like a benchmade knife, and I'd recall that if it was the PM knife). Likely different in hardness, but I'd have to have the video to confirm what they actually were (not many carbon steel (non-PM) hunting style knives in 64 hardness, and if they were, I'd wonder if someone using them ever actually cleaned an animal, because such a thing isn't remotely necessary).

In terms of breakage, I wonder if more could be found on YT. It's probably been 5 years since I saw what I saw, but I have a great long term memory and a short term memory that's not so great. Stuff that i vaguely recall in the short term somehow ends up clear in the long term. Maybe Derek would know something about that.

(what I mean by that is unless the video has been pulled, I'm sure it's still out there and it will show what I'm talking about. Whether or not that's true for other PM, I don't know. I'd like to see more, though. None of the knives that I've seen bent end up straight when the bend is over, so the point of the test is sort of odd unless you're trying to pry your way out of a trash compactor and don't care if the knife survives. I have had a couple of defective things break in the middle of use, though, and wouldn't want it with a knife. Last thing that broke on me was an early mex. nicholson file that I had bought right after the transition. literally in the middle of a brisk tooth reset, the file broke 2/3rds of the way to the end. Never had that happen before.)

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