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Re: I think he wants to say shear strength...

david weaver
Not shear strength.

I saw a "test to the death" of knives years ago. They put knives in a vise and bent them with a cheater pipe until they broke.

I can't find the video now because there are so many knife test videos on youtube that it's hard to get past the people cutting ropes, golf balls and water bottles.

Lots of bend tests, too, but it appears that to be an ABS master, you need to be able to bend a knife 90 degrees and not have it break, and most of the videos stop without the knife breaking.

At any rate, the two knives that I saw were a carbon steel knife (I can't remember if it broke), old style, and one in powder metal that broke very early in the bend. No clue how much resistance either had to bending, but presume that's what patrick is talking about (the force applied to the pipe to get a certain level of movement/bending). I thought the video was interesting, but I'll concede that I'm not ever going to buy a knife and put a cheater pipe on it, bend it over and call it regular knife use.

As long as something like this doesn't happen:


(this was a fairly famous video that predated youtube. I'm not going to mention the name of the site that had videos before youtube, because it's been taken over by filth peddlers, which is a shame because it had a very small selection of very funny videos)

"oh, that got me good!!" :b

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