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david weaver
I don't do a lot of end grain planing (because I have little of it exposed).

I haven't seen the same difference that you're seeing with V11 when surface planing, but I also don't do tons of planing because the V11 plane I have is a middle plane (and something I normally use a wooden plane for. We've had that discussion before - I can get further with a try plane that's got a really not-that-great iron than I can with an iron plane with a V11 iron in it).

It would be nice if Beach would add the V11 iron to his test group. I see that really, the iron that held up the best (small wear bevel and relatively even wear) was Steve Elliot's 3V iron.

(even if there is a small difference between V11 and rikizai blue steel in long grain, I still have a preference for the blue steel, but I think in gentler activities, the difference between the two narrows, just as it does in those tests with the eskilstuna iron and A2)

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