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Re: Along the same lines...

david weaver
I doubt this will unseat my daily favorite, which is a Tidioute Wall Street knife in 1095. I'd guesstimate hardness about 61 - one of the very few knife makers who does 1095 right these days.

But something that doesn't rust is something I'm missing - especially in lockbacks. Two years ago, I went through a stockman binge and found that of all of the stockman's I bought, I only really liked the case and the tidioute. The others (queen, etc) all had issues. Even the puma had problems - the walk and talk wasn't right and it was righteously hard to open. The case wasn't "great", but it was decent given the fact that it cost $30.

Anyway, the only lockback I got in that binge other than the wharncliffe wall streets was a "rough rider" knife after reading about how well finished they are. Maybe they are, but the folder that I got is not up for lateral anything, and it won't take a decent edge off of natural stones because it's too soft.

I have kitchen knives in VG10, which sharpen *very* well on oilstones, so I'm in for giving this one a try.

(often in rabbit hole discussions hear people say "what do you do when your tidioute folder gets wet or discolored". I buff it, and then the buffer leaves a thin coat of wax on it. If not buffer, dursol - same thing - but dursol is probably not good for a knife that you cut food with from time to time).

FWIW, if someone wanted to do 440C the way friodur does it in razors, it would also be just fine. I guess that costs something (the cryo treatment) and it's not a sexy label to say a knife is 440c.

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