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Re: Paul Sellers dovetail video.......

North of the Border
"I like Sellers because he's more about the methods and skills than fancy tools."

That is what makes him stand out from the rest.

A long time ago, I saw a video about card scraper sharpening by another better-known woodworker/teacher. His process wasn't much different from other sharpening methods out there, except the last couple of steps. He burnished a heavy, bent hook and then used the sharp end of his burnisher to "undo" the heavy bent.

Here comes the finale part that only a salesman would do: He announced that you could buy his sharp ended burnisher to do just that.

Paul encourages people to use "poor man" solutions. In every dovetail demo, he uses a coping saw ($20?) and does not tell you a $130 fret saw would do a better job. Few people can cope saw as level as he does. Try it if you have a coping saw and don't look over the other side to check if you have undercut or overcut from the baseline! His over 45 years (50 now?) of planing, sawing and chiselling are not a paper qualification.

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