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Brian Holcombe
I avoid using a router plane because I find them so impractical for me. I really only use them for blind dados and even then I try to avoid planning blind dados.

There are situations, such as a keyed through tenon (tusk tenon is the common referral) where I wanted a finished surface on the tenon face, I also want a clean result at the mortise and so I'm left with one option which is to use my chisel to work to the finish.

How would I do that with a router plane? 3"-5" long tenons are longer than the router plane's reach or at the far end of it and so unreliable at the extremes.

This is why I think foundational methods should be stressed, it is our job to determine the best and/or fastest method for each aspect of the work but we can only do so if we are confident in our ability to do so.

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