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John Gardner's 'Building Classic Small Craft: Volume 2' has a well done chapter on planes for boatbuilders, and show general plans and process for making planes suitable for backing out, as well as a razee jack and jointer. The backing out plane is essentially the same as a coffin-sided smoother, but with a laterally curved sole and mount cut for the curve profile of the iron.

Gardner's book is worth having in any boatbuilder's library, and can be found in most library catalogs or from Amazon as a two-volumes-in-one paperback for about $23...look for 'Building Classic Small Craft: Complete Plans and Instructions for 47 Boats'.

Finally - I would register for and spend some time on the WoodenBoat Forum and any other boatbuilding fora you can find. Boatbuilding is it's own unique craft, so worth spending some time there where the domain knowledge is both deeper and broader. Come back to WC and other generalist woodworking sites for some of the stuff that is going to be more frequently discussed here in depth (sharpening, restoring old tools, workbenches for non-boatbuilders, etc.).

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