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Re: Hide glue: What consistency is best?

Wiley Horne--So. Calif.
Thank you Dennis. Your consistency test is about what I do on sawn veneer over substrate. I am thinking from the three different replies here, that there is no single optimum consistency, but rather it depends on the application, for example whether you need fast grab or more placement time--but I may be reading the answers through my own lens rather than what the poster actually means.

As to the moisture balancing on sawn veneer, I hear you. When using hot glue, I am using glue brushed on both sides of the veneer, plus the substrate, and rebrush the outer surface with more glue if there's any hint of curl developing. On smallish things, like cockbead parts, I dip them wholesale into the glue, bring them out dripping, press into place, and hold.

Thank you much, and any critique of what I said is most welcome. I do try to use experience, but it would take a lifetime to rediscover the tested experience of those more knowledgable--hence I ask around and don't mind getting corrected.


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