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steve voigt
Hi John,
I more or less agree with David's comments. I've made a number of planes from cocobolo, and it makes a decent plane, but it is much less nice to work with than rosewood--harder, yes, but also more splintery/chippy, and not as capable of holding fine detail. For folks who want as heavy a plane as possible, I guess cocobolo is a good choice, but that's not my preference.

I haven't experienced the variation in density that David mentions, but then my experience with rosewood is not that extensive. In general, it is supposed to be only about 15% heavier than beech (obviously as a bow maker you know this already). Every blank I have handled felt about the same--a little heavier than beech, which is nice for a small smoother and a pain in the ass for anything bigger, IMO. But really it is the working characteristics, and the way it feels in use, that make it preferable to cocobolo.

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