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david weaver
I have a partially made coffin smoother with ebony. It just has no directional strength and I don't think I'm going to finish it (if it's used, the mouth is just going to chip, anyway - it barely holds together for mortising at the mouth, and I've had to repair some small chips that shouldn't have occurred in the first place).

As far as bubinga goes, maybe there is something to having an extremely rigid (and heavy) platform in a contest (that you just get tuned perfectly at that moment), but it wouldn't be that much of a pleasure to use day to day when it moves and has no give to keep a good blade and abutment seat.

Weight and rigidity is the essence of wood show planing (like if you're trying to sell a 7 pound infill smoother by taking tiny shavings that nobody can feel coming through the plane), but not very elegant for day to day work!

(Hopefully you can take the title, too, of course)

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