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Brian Holcombe
Thanks David!

I agree completely, I decided to continue with beech especially since I have a jointer plane that I made last year which has kept its tune well, worn well and holds the blade exceptionally well.

I made a bubinga dai which was supposed to be the 'it' material for kez, but for the life of me I can't find the appeal. It's a nice dai and basically stays in tune well but it does not hold the blade anywhere near as well as beech or kashi. I feel ebony would likely be about the same.

You might not have seen it in the post, but I made one the day prior also in beech that wound up in the firewood pile. I got a hair too aggressive in the cutout and had one chisel mark that was a few thousands too deep right where the blade needed to seat. I decided to chuck it and start over.

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