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david weaver
Very nice! like the wood choice - your billets are sawn properly and will do just fine.

There have, for years, been people talking about how there is no suitable dai making wood in the west and pushing people to buy $40 little blanks of white oak to experiment on, but properly sawn beech will do just fine.

I understand the sentiment - it's different, it's not tradition, etc. If you brought white oak to a planemaker in the early 19th century in the west, they probably wouldn't have found it as favorable as beech (too dense, etc). Same sentiment - it's different than what's used, but not unusable to someone who hasn't gotten themselves completely on the rails with a very specific process. (the harder things like japanese red oak and ebony, those I can't find much favor with - they're too hard and not as nice as either beech or kashi).

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