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Favorite part of case construction *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

I particularly like dovetailing the drawer blade dividers. In fact I dovetail all the dividers front and back because it is easy, enjoyable and leads to a fortress like case. Done right, the case self-squares upon assembly....happiness. 1 done and 19 to go. This chest of drawers is for one son-in-law.

Note that I use half tails. It makes adjusting the fit trivial. Too tight by a few thou? One swipe with the hand plane fixes it. Don't know why anyone would use full tails on dividers.

The other Son-in-law was visiting and we moved some cherry lumber sawed last fall. It is already as dry as it will get outside. Cherry dries quickly, even in the winter. A week in the 120 degree loft and it will be good to go. He requested a chest of drawers from it like the Chester Country piece I made some years ago with the 3 arched drawers on top. A lot of work in that piece. I will be busy until next winter finishing both these pieces.

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Favorite part of case construction *PIC*
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