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Re: Pulls must conform to the "Rule of Sevenths" *PIC*

Sgian Dubh
Ha ha. I'm not sure I'm really any the wiser. Err - Hillary's emails? I wonder if that's a reference to one of your recent presidential candidates. I'm scratching my head on that one.

Hinges on a drawer?! You've got me there. I have a suspicion you're still jerking a chain or two, but your reply did make me smile, if a little bemusedly (if that's a word).

I think I'll stick to my own guidance on pull placement for drawer fronts, i.e., whatever I deem is right taking into account a range of factors. As for hinges, I'll generally omit them on drawers unless they're something like triangular or circular drawers that pivot out from the carcase on one corner or an alternative pivot point. Designers seem to come up with pivoting drawers of one sort or another fairly frequently I suppose. Slainte.

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