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Bill Tindall, E.Tn.
I would lengthen the feet.....agree either change the side twin legs to a single or reduce the widths of the twins (make it slimmer) .....agree, your suggestion of a single width foot could be the solution to making the feet more dainty.

Double the length of the top, and lose the shelf - replace it with a low stretcher (to drop the visual point).......here we get into utility issues. For where it may go and what it may be used for the top size and shelf may be a desirable practical matter. I am building a chest of drawers for son-in-law and you all are going to say that its proportions are maybe acceptable, but not ideal. Well they are ideal from one perspective. For what he wants to put in them they are perfect and that settled the size decision.

I would like to see a better reason than "interesting" to have already decided that the top will be some other kind of wood to make the top "interesting". "Interesting" is not high on my list of attributes that I design for. Perhaps I am recoiling to the trend in Studio Furniture that puts novelty and interesting ahead of inherent good design. The pieces seem to be all about the novelty and interest of the wood and the rest of the design is there to provide a canvass to display the wood- featuring its knots, splits, fungal attack, insect holes, bark, figure etc.

Someone said, maybe Krenov, that the furniture should look good made from something plain. Then decorate it, tastefully, with some nice wood.

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