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I grew up helping in Dad's hardware store,

Keith Newton
When Dad sold it, the fellow that bought it tried to run it like Dad had for about 40 years before, but the businesses in our little town started drying up due to Walmart in the neighboring counties. Finally he had to make a move, so he bought a building across the parking lot from the Walmart in the next town. Rather than looking out at empty streets, there is always a parking lot full of cars and people.

Believe it or not, it was a great move. Even though his prices are higher, there are people that would rather pop in and out faster than they can get through the mart. Location location location is the name of the game.

I still shop at a locally owned hardware store that I've been going to for about 40 years. It is an Ace affiliate, and finally bar coded. I took Sassy in when she was a pup to meet the new owners kids, who fell in love with her, so they got a Golden Retriever of their own within the week. Leo stays there in the store most of the time, so when Im going there, I take Sass with me. All I have to do is ask her if she wants to go see her people, and she heads for the truck.
As soon as we get there, she finds and grabs one of Leo's toys and runs around with him chasing her. But she really likes going to see all the people that work there.

Today While I was checking out, she brought one of Leo's toys over, stood up and dropped it on the counter while I was checking out. She put it right between me and the checker, then looked up at me like she expected me to buy it for her. Everybody was laughing at that as we left.

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