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roger lance
The name Seven Corners Hardware takes me back.....I bought a lot of tools from them.....always looked thru their full page ads in FWW and other publications.....good prices.....and good service.

But times change.....there was another store.....Wm. Alden (I believe) out of Boston area that also was a good mail order source of ww tools.....also, long gone.

Even, some rock solid tool makers like Record (vises) have disappeared.....thats a mystery to me still.....must have been some major mismanagement to sink that ship.

But, new companies also come on the scene with great products like BenchCrafted.

Sometimes these discussions don't recognize that people are using tools that are no longer made by companies that no longer exist......and products of today which may be preferable were not available.

I remember when Tom Lie-Nielsen was a clerk at Garrett Wade.....and seeing his picture in a Garrett Wade catalog as a new tool maker. And, Lee Valley was not always the tool company it is today.

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