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Re: Question re old-time hardware stores

steve voigt
Same here Bill, there are no true old-style hardware stores around here (Shenandoah Valley), but the local Ace ("Rockin' R Hardware") is pretty darn good. I buy the Lenox 2-packs there all the time. They sell drywall screws in bulk bins, $4.29 a pound. I can nearly always find Nicholson XX-slim saw files* in stock. And an exhaustive supply of screws, bushings, threaded inserts, whatever. Consequently, I go there much more often than HD, even if the prices are a tad higher.

I think this is very location dependent, though. There weren't any stores like this in Bushwick, Brooklyn, when I lived there, and I'm not surprised that there aren't any in suburban areas like where Dave lives.

*Completely off topic, but the new Nicholson "Black Diamond" saw files really do seem to be a lot better than the Nicholsons of just a couple years ago. I recently made four 3/16"-thick edge floats with a single file (had to break out a second file for the post-heat treat sharpening).

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