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Re: Question re old-time hardware stores

david weaver
The popular one here on the south side of pittsburgh (a large affair for the location, with the ability to fabricate parts for your needs in the basement if nothing was available) went out about a decade ago. I think that was about it. I remember the guy who owned it saying they kept galvanized tubs in large numbers because people these days think they're stylish to ice down beers.

(I agree about the garden section at HD, it's handy and relatively large. I have had to replace any equipment I've gotten there with something better - for example, a lawn spreader that had a non-stainless steel wire connection inside a plastic sleeve so that it could eventually get some kind of fertilizer inside the sleeve and rust the wire to failure after about 8 years. Most manufacturers these days would consider that twice the design life, I guess. There is a mediocre ace near here that has a true commercial lawn mower sales and service wing in the back, and they carry something better - shindaiwa in this case, which I hope never shows up at HD because it will be the death of the brand - a brand that has already been sold to a corporation that does business at HD.... But if you need fert, seeds, etc, that stuff is at HD in droves).

Other than out warren's way, I just don't know of much in the type of stores you mention. The buildings are there in a lot of the suburban towns here, still with hardware stores, but usually ace or do it best, and they're filled mostly with junk, and with a little luck, still can get you some stuff cheap - like screens for a door or window.

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