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david weaver
Warren, I have been to Paul B's several times (I think that's in ephrata), but not Sensenig. Paul B's always has enough US made stuff in stock that if you want it, you can actually find it. My jobber bits are from there and they cost 3 times as much as import bits, but the flutes are 10 times as sharp and I haven't had to sharpen any of them yet, which would definitely not be the case with any imports.

We just don't have much like that around here, because it's the suburbs, I guess.

There are some places here that service tool and die shops, I'm sure, and there is a genuine commercial woodworking equipment dealer (like production type stuff - 85 horsepower total three stage wide belt sanders, etc), and they might have that kind of stuff, but nothing like Paul B's local enough to make the drive. Anything more than 10 miles here in the wrong direction ends up being an hour-long trip due to the traffic.

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