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Question re old-time hardware stores

Wiley Horne--So. Calif.
Hi David and all,

Dr. Johnson I believe it was who said something like all change is in and of itself an evil. That pretty much nails it for me, especially when I'm trying to figure out what I touched on my iPad screen to make everything go kablooie.

That said, I do like two things about Home Depot: the garden section, and renting trucks by the hour. Incidentally, Lowes out here has those Lenox 12" hacksaw blades--ymmv.

Anyway, what I'm trying to get around to is the old-time hardware store. There are 300 or so smallish towns in L. A. County, and every one of them used to have a couple or three hardware stores. And that's what they were called--every last one of them was a hardware. With scuffed wooden floors, that were sometimes swept. And an old guy who knew what you needed, even for plumbing jobs. Oil paint. Revolving dolly of nails with a scales to weigh them.

Are any of these left?


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