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Hand Cranked Grinder Questions

I'm looking to draw on your experiences with hand cranked grinders and will appreciate your feedback. I know I can buy a cheap electric unit at a box store for less than $100 but I like the versatility and freedom of the hand cranked approach.

I've looked around quite a bit for a hand cranked grinder and have seemed to settle on the Goodell Pratt #485 grinder as a robust grinder that appears to meet all the needs. Luther also made some interesting models but I don’t know how valuable some of those features would be. Most of the used ones I've handled are worn out.

I think a 3/4" or 1" arbor with up to an 8" wheel capacity along with a robust tool rest and maybe even a foot pedal option would be nice in a newly manufactured unit. I found two models on Amazon but the reviews would indicate that they're not lifetime type tools that are not up to the task.

I am curious to know what your favorite hand cranked grinder is and why?

If someone were to build a new unit modeled on the GP #485 (or your favorite model), what would you change and why? What price point would you be comfortable with?


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