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i like ece.
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Joseph Piotrowski
maybe its just because i don't have any long term experience with any one type of plane,i like the primus planes. there are of course several negative things mentioned above that i can't dispute. how ever depth adjustment and blade changes seam like no big deal to me.

as a noob acquiring more tools that i need.... i have old wedge woodies, old Stanley, new Stanley low angle jack . used primus planes and a new woodriver#3 smoother.

i see pros and cons to each. maybe after a few years of actually making things with them, i'll change my opinion but i's rank them liek this:

1. stanley style adjuster, metal body. woodrvier seams like a good price point/quality so far
2. ece primus planes. only if i get them for 1/3rd the cost.
3. tap in plane. old woodies included. i have a nice newly custom made infill block/smother that make me warm and tingly to use

4. norris style adjuster? . my only experience with on so far is the Stanley sweetheart low angle jack and the Veritas skew angle plane. if that is a norris style adjuster, i don't care for it.

i an becoming very attached to my Stanley planes but i cant help but garb the wood body planes in the cold weather. so much nicer to hold.

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