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William Duffield
I have an L-N #112, and a Stanley #80. I used to use the #80 extensively, but I don't use either one any more. Maybe I'm just lazy, but the scraper planes are a bit fiddly. Now, I just pick up a card scraper when something needs to be scraped. I rarely try to scrape the entire surface, except curved surfaces. Instead, I follow Frank Klausz' advise: "You plane; then you scrape; then you sand." Using a smoothing plane with a closely set double iron configuration, and a couple of Festool Rotex sanders, I have less need of scraping before sanding.

I also have a wooden toothing plane that works in the scraping configuration, and a toothing blade for the L-N #112, but they are used for preparing veneer and substrate for the veneer hammer and hot hide glue.

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