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Re: Scraper planes question....

david weaver
Certainly an option, just an issue of time. Reminds me that 8 or 9 years ago, I sat 5 curly maple panels aside and never finished a blanket chest I was going to make out of them.

Point of that, those 5 panels were thicknessed by a friend of a friend who had a 52" beach oscillating drum sander (what a fantastic tool for anyone who has 25 horsepower worth of three phase electricity available). By the time I got home and attempted to finish scrape them the next day, they weren't perfectly flat.

I broke out my trusty 63 degree muji smoother and large LV scraper plane and never got them finished. Someone on here, can't remember who (wiley or someone else?) mentioned the LN 212 being a lot easier to push and I ordered it and then finish scraped those. I should've just sanded and card scraped them and left them bowed, they'll fit in frames and would've gone back to flat, anyway.

The thing that made the muji and the large scraper a no-go was the volume of work that had to be done to get the panel flat enough to get a cut out of either of them. The little LN plane didn't require a surface as flat.

(those panels would've been easily finish planed by a stanley 4, but not with the skill set I had at the time).

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