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david weaver
If you have to have one, the bronze LN 212 is the one to get in my opinion. Scraping wide surfaces is hard work, especially if the wood has moved at all. I've had a 112, the LV large and the LN 212. The small size of the 212 makes for a lot less work, and it does leave a bit of scalloping, but that can be cleaned up with a card scraper pretty quickly.

If you have a large panel that gets a little out of flat from humidity changes, or whatever, it will be a nightmare with the large scraper plane. Pushing through any significant amount of stock removal is like getting in a contest with a bulldozer. If you always manage to just run it over boards when they've come out of a planer and are flat, it'd be more tolerable.

I think they are a bit of a novelty if you have a high angle plane or plane with a cap iron nearby.

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