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Hank Knight

I own a large LN scraper plane - the 112 copy. It is a fine tool, but I think its best use is for larger surfaces - panels and such (my opinion). It is fiddly to set up, but does a great job and worth the trouble when you have a large area to smooth. It is a large, heavy plane which makes it a bit unwieldy on smaller work. I do not own, but have long admired the cabinet maker's scraper plane - the 85 copy. Because of its smaller size, I think it would find more work in my shop. I like the facts that the iron reaches all the way to the edge of the sole and the tote and knob tilts so you can scrape right into a corner without banging up your hands. Again, my opinion. If I were to revisit my original purchase decision, I would buy the smaller one.


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