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cambered carbide scraper

Bruce Mack
Recently I have been doing a lot of scraping of vertical surfaces of a large wooden model house I have been working on forever. Most exterior walls are covered with siding, a tedious task even with a hot melt gun. For variety I have treated other walls with Durham's water putty as it mottles nicely with a weathered appearance with the right stain, but the moisture buckles the thin (2 mm. or so) pine sheathing. A layer of epoxy over the wood and under the putty strengthens the wood and prevents buckling. Scraping of the putty surface smooths it nicely (yeah, tedious but of a different nature) before the stain is applied. My Sandvik carbide scraper sometimes digs in at the edge and exposes the epoxy. Home Depot sells a scraper whose 2 1/2 " replacement cambered blades fit my Sandvik exactly. This is a $5 fix which should work well on large panel glue lines as well.

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