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Small steps still are progress

Joe shelton
Not too long ago I related difficulties with sharpening old saws, and especially with setting them. A consistent theme in the advice I got back was to go in steps and stick with it. Turns out, that works. Neither of the saws I'm learning with is ever going to be a stellar tool, but I'm sure getting fond of them and surprised to see how much I respect them. Each of them cuts rather slowly, but will make straight, true cuts.

One point that recently caught my eye, in the thread about hybrid teeth, was Joel M.'s assertion that hand filing a rip profile tends to create enough fleam to give good results, just from the variation in hand, eye and stroke. I think I'm seeing that now. One of these days I'll be skillful enough to file the Gramercy dovetail saw he sent me without worrying that I'll ruin it beyond repair. Besides, I could always just send it back and let him fix it...

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