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Derek Cohen (in Perth, Australia)
Hi Wylie

I cannot help as I am in Oz, but I wanted to say that we are in a similar boat. The 2-year plan on my iPhone 6 ended a short while ago, and I called the service to find a cheaper plan. The representative was offering me all these deals, such a $1000 free calls each month. I suggested that they look at my call history. Apparently, last year I made 3 calls (all year)!

It's a great phone, and it has music on it and a GPS, both of which are useful in my car. Otherwise the phone is for emergencies, and the only people who have my number are the family. If the phone rang during one of my consultations, I would levitate in my chair!

It's a useful phone in other ways, however, particularly I value the ability to use it as a hotspot for Internet cover for a laptop when on a trip.

Regards from Perth


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