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Need phone help (OT)

Wiley Horne--So. Calif.
Hi Friends,

I need a very basic phone for when I drive somewhere. I go to the grocery store and the vet, and not too much of either. My car is 5 years old and has 2,700 miles. I need a phone for emergency calls essentially--road service, or so my wife can get hold of me. Most months I would not be making any calls, but when needed it will be vital.

There are 8 zillion phones, and the longer I look the confuseder I get. So I'm here at my go-to source of knowledge and experience.


1. Phone calls only is fine. Anything else is gravy, but I don't want a 'plan'.

2. Main thing is good audio quality. Can be flip phone or whatever, but I want to hear it and not be knocking it on the door to make it louder.

3. Storage for 10 numbers or so, so I can push one or two buttons to make a call.

4. Easy to read screen a plus; big numbers a plus.

5. Cost not particularly an issue--will pay for simple, reliable, easy, no issues.

Thank you very much in advance for your experience on what to do, and what not to do (both are valuable!).


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