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Gary B.
Hi Tom,
Yes, Frank Klausz is a great example. The way he cuts out pins without marking is pretty fast. IIRC, this is how he learned to cut them from his Father (who he apprenticed under), and his grandfather. So, certainly that was a technique they used to speed things up.

Here is the paul sellers example:

Paul admits somewhere in there, he'll only do this if he has a bunch of repeat cuts.

You may have to create a log in, but only for the free version. Lot's of good free content in there anyways.

As far as Richard's, I've haven't paid for any of his videos yet, so I only know what we see on the trailer here: http://www.theenglishwoodworker.com/the-side-table-bridle-guides/
, but it's obvious from the trailer how to make these.

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