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I see some forgeries coming soon..

david weaver
First plane I got from LN had cocobolo handles on it. At the time, it was a $25 option, and, of course, it made sense to me on an expensive plane like that - cherry looks cheap, and we've gotten used to it on their planes, but it still looks cheap.


Anyway, when I sold my LN #6, I got zero extra for having cocobolo handles even though LN was discussing stopping them at the time (I didn't try to get extra, either).

Now, it appears that some relatively greedy folks (my opinion) are trying to create a market where cocobolo makes the plane worth another $350. If that happens for long, it won't take a genius to start duplicating those handles and flipping them onto planes and reselling them (of course, checking off the check box that says "cocobolo" on the end of the plane).

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