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I believe that the most important part of getting stuff done in the shop is the ability to move, quickly and efficiently, from one part of a project to another. Another important attitude is the ability to accept that 'this is how this is done' and then get grinding.

I tend to perseverate on how to 'best' do things and am a bit too self-congratulatory when an operation is completed. Takes longer to start and I don't get on to the next thing quickly enough to get things out the door.

A couple of specialized hand tools that I have only recently become aware of are the shoulder chisel for inlay work and this weird, bow driven router type device that was held between a plate strapped to the user's torso and the workpiece. The router's bit was constrained by a template, had a fixed depth, and was used to create shallow mortises for inlaid materials.

Both of these would have sped up otherwise tedious tasks, but were still hand driven tools.

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