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Power to hand tool transition

Josko Catipovic
I want to buy a set of mortise chisels. There'd be no reason to post this if I didn't have a hollow chisel mortiser that works just fine. I know it, and I knows me. I'm somehow tempted to do more of my work with hand tools, but I don't quite understand why. Will I cut better mortises by hand? Kind of doubt it. I don't have any mortises planned that my mortiser can't do. Will cutting hand mortises somehow improve my other aspects of woodworking? Dunno. Is it more fun to chisel mortises than do them by machine? Maybe???
I would hope there are folks here who understand this headscratcher that I can't seem to explain to myself. (I'm a hobbyist so can afford the extra time to use hand tools.)
Can somebody help me understand why I'm drawn to this power to hand tool transition?

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