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File and rasp recommendation *PIC*

Bill Tindall, E.Tn.

I recently was faced with the task of shaping pulls for the display cabinet I am making. I don't have a well thought out arsenal of filing/raping tools. Mostly I have a collection of various sized files of some cut or another and some cheap hardware store rasps that are too coarse and don't seem to be sharp. They work OK for my needs but if I have to remove much material even a large file is slow.

An improvement to what I have would be something that removes wood quicker while not leaving a ragged finish that would be difficult to sand smooth.

For those that shape wood by file and rasp, what do you recommend for a basic set of files and rasps for someone that thinks a Stanley plane is sufficient quality and expense for planing. That is to say, I am not going to spend over $100 on this basic set.

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