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William Duffield
I have this one:


I haven't used mine much, and haven't put a handle on it yet. It definitely needs a handle, because like Derek and Bob have noted, it can be grabby. When it grabs, the tang is quite uncomfortable. It's worse in tough woods, like ash and oak, but tends to behave itself better in harder woods. Although I haven't used it on poplar or pine yet, my guess is it would be even more difficult to get the right touch to make it cut these woods well. I also tried it on some cocobolo and some walnut, and with a little practice, it behaves itself much better, and removes material in a hurry, leaving a very smooth surface. It is cut for a right-hander, and I'm left-handed, so it is easy for me to get it going at the wrong angle, and either grab, or leave lots of ridges. A small attack angle adjustment makes it work much better, and leave a much finer surface. I can't say that for a right-handed hand-stitched rasp, with which I have to swap hands to make it perform up to my expectations.

I'll try to get a handle on it this week and then get a little more experience with it. I don't know how long it will hold an edge, or whether sharpening it when the time comes will be effective.

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